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BK + Tu B'shevat = Terrific Time with Trees

The Bridge K class had an amazing time preparing for Tu B'shvat.  We read lots of books, sang songs, and did some incredible art projects.  The children read the book "The Birthday of the Trees" and then wrote their own class book about the promises they would make to the trees.  Some of these promises were "I promise to water the trees and give them lots of sunlight", and "I promise to lay under your shade and protect you".  

We culminated our Tu B'shvat learning with a celebration at Alvarado Park.   We made bird feeders for the birds out of sticks and sun-butter and birdseed. We then hung them up from the trees for the birds to enjoy a tasty treat.  We went on a nature hike and tried to identify different types of trees.  We looked to see if they had leaves, what shape they were, counted how many branches.  We even measured the circumference (distance around the tree) of the tree's trunk.  We also did nature water color where we looked at trees and drew them and then water colored them. We had a picnic lunch at the park and a great time playing at the playground.  We finished the day with a beautiful family Shabbat outdoors.  It was a wonderful way to celebrate Tu B'shvat.

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