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Our Mission: Awaken. Build. Connect.

Tehiyah Day School is a Jewish community day school committed to:

  • Awakening intellectual curiosity and a strong sense of Jewish identity
  • Building a culture of thoughtfulness and ethical behavior
  • Connecting learners to their community, the world and their authentic (best) selves.     

By infusing our core values into the TDS curriculum, our students and faculty are truly able to “live” our mission and model traditional Jewish values in their everyday practice.

Community Kehillah                          קהילה

Tehiyah promotes a strong sense of קהילה (kehillah)- community and  רוח (ruach) - spirit. Together we build a school that is nurturing, inclusive, and diverse – where each individual is able to express their best and most authentic self. We prepare our students to make the world around them a more compassionate, just, and peaceful place (תיקון עולם)- Tikkun Olam).

People of the Book              Am ha-Sefer          עם הספר

At Tehiyah, we foster each child’s innate curiosity and creativity while cultivating critical thinking and compassion. As People of the Book, we place the written word, inquiry, and in-depth study at the center of Jewish values.

Connection to Judaism        Am Israel         עם ישראל
Tehiyah inspires our students to develop a personal connection to Jewish life, to understand and appreciate the wisdom, spiritual depth, and ethical guidance of Judaism. We foster a commitment to the State of Israel, its culture, language, history, and land.

Respect and Acceptance      Kavod     כבוד
At Tehiyah we instill a culture of integrity based on the principles of דרך ארץ (derekh eretz) -thoughtful conduct, חסד (chesed) -kindness, and רחמנות (rachmanut) -compassion. We raise mensches.

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