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Library Commons

Tehiyah has always been proud of our library and its extensive collection of diverse resource, inspirational, and educational books in both Hebrew and English. This year, the library has nearly doubled in size. The larger space enables more children to study, provides areas
for collaboration, and creates space for much-needed new technology.
Tehiyah’s administration is aware that traditional means of research and learning have been significantly augmented by the ability to go on-line and search for information. Libraries around the world are developing research sites, apps, catalogs, and e-books, as well as new discovery tools. Tehiyah is meeting this challenge head-on. The library currently has 21 laptop computers running a full suite of design programs for students. Tehiyah purchased audio equipment for film production, and two new computers for video and audio design. Donated digital cameras are available for check-out. The library now includes a large whiteboard and an interactive projector, and 3 large monitors hooked to Apple TVs. The library also has a Lego robotics parts for student experimentation. The library’s flexible layout is ideal for collaboration and teamwork. 
The Tehiyah community is grateful to Alfred and Constance Weissman, lifelong supporters of Tehiyah. Their kindness and generosity is evident, as we walk around our campus, and especially as we enjoy our new Library Commons improvements.
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