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Kol Tehiyah

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Under the direction of our incredibly talented Art Teacher, Janet Lipkin, our students go far beyond the usual curriculum. This year the students have been delving into many different artistic disciplines through varying artistic mediums.  Here are descriptions of what each of our grades are exploring.
Bridge K and Kindergarten have done process painting, inspired by Eric Carle.  After the process painting they cut and collaged a sun.  We are building their manipulative skills through cutting and gluing.  Kindergarten traced sunflowers and caterpillars inspired by the very hungry caterpillar.  They designed, traced, cut, glued, and embellished their process painted paper.
They are on display in the the Bridge K and Kindergarten rooms.
First Grade painted large still lifes of their personal stuffies.  They explored observation drawing and mixing colors.  Soon, they will on display in the first grade room.  Additionally, the paintings will be presented next to photographs of students with their actual stuffies.  First Graders are working on their painting skills, and their ability to clean up palettes and brushes after working on their pieces.
Second Graders, inspired by the artist Joan Brown, have drawn and painted beautiful self-portraits. They are now working on drawing, painting, and embellishing their favorite way to dress themselves.  The final stage will be attaching their self portraits with their paintings of their torso and legs.  When completed, these full body portraits will be displayed in the Second Grade classroom.
Third Graders created beautiful printmaking/painted large butterflies.  They are learning to mix colors, working with only turquoise, magenta, yellow, and white pigments.  These butterflies are inspired by another facet of their curriculum where they are fostering and supporting caterpillars morphing into butterflies. These will be on display inside or outside of the Third Grade classroom or office once completed.
Fourth Grade, inspired by Frida Kahlo, have been working on self portraits by studying themselves in the mirror.  They are also developing their final drawings using a variety of graphite pencils, HB 3B 5B 6B, these black and white portraits will be collaged into a personal painted background visually describing something personal about themselves.  These will be presented in the Fourth Grade classroom.
Inspired by 1960s artist Peter Max, 5th Graders designed and painted posters using the social emotional tools as their theme.  They are exploring mixing and blending colors. Look for these in the office in the next month.
The Middle School Elective this semester is printmaking.  The students will learn a variety of printmaking techniques.  Presently, the student artists are carving and printing multi layered soft-cut blocks. This technique was invented by Picasso.  This is an ongoing process, and once they are completed they will be displayed as the end of the year art show.
Fashion Textiles, an after school TAP program, is focussing on making three dolls from around the world.  Right now, the students are sewing a topsy turvy doll.  When completed, I hope to include photos of the artists with their dolls at the end of the year art show.
Middle School PBL is currently designing identity hats to help others learn more about them. These identity hats are inspired by the artist and dancer Nick Cave. This visual art component is working within the larger construct of the Music and Media Project Based Learning Performance Experience.
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Noteworthy News

$10,000 Shira Legacy Scholarship boosts access to Middle School program! Thumbnail Image

$10,000 Shira Legacy Scholarship boosts access to Middle School program!

Tehiyah is excited and takes great pride in announcing our $10,000 Shira Legacy Scholarship for new incoming students to our Middle School! This scholarship honors the memory of alumna Shira Ulmer (nee Riff), whose commitment to our values: gratitude, acts of loving kindness, courage and leadership, was truly inspiring. Please help us spread the word! We can't wait to welcome new inspirational students into our Tehiyah community! Read Full Article


...Come play, create and join the fun, THINK TEHIYAH is back and we can't wait for a day of tinkering, robotics and DIY projects! This free event will feature activities for children and grown-ups of all ages and highlight Tehiyah's JSTEAM curriculum. Activities will include apple-pressing, LEGO Engineering, fabric, jewelry projects and more! BBQ (with veggie options) will be available for purchase. Read Full Article

Tehiyah Day School is a Jewish community school committed to
Awakening intellectual curiosity and a strong sense of Jewish identity
Building a culture of thoughtfulness and ethical behavior
Connecting learners to their community, the world, and their best selves.

Our Core Values




Tehiyah promotes a strong sense of קהילה (kehillah)- community and רוח (ruach) - spirit. Together we build a school that is nurturing, inclusive, and diverse – where each individual is able to express their best and most authentic self. We prepare our students to make the world around them a more compassionate, just, and peaceful place (תיקון עולם)- Tikkun Olam).



Respect and Acceptance

At Tehiyah we instill a culture of integrity based on the principles of דרך ארץ(derekh eretz) -thoughtful conduct, חסד (chesed) -kindness, and רחמנות (rachmanut)- compassion. We raise mensches.

Am ha-Seferעם הספר


People of the Book

At Tehiyah, we foster each child’s innate curiosity and creativity while cultivating critical thinking and compassion. As People of the Book, we place the written word, inquiry, and in-depth study at the center of Jewish values.

Am Israelעם ישראל


Connection to Judaism

Tehiyah inspires our students to develop a personal connection to Jewish life, to understand and appreciate the wisdom, spiritual depth, and ethical guidance of Judaism. We foster a commitment to the State of Israel, its culture, language, history, and land.
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