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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland takes Center Stage!

This year beginning in September, as part of out PBL initiative, our middle school students have been involved in the creation of all facets of the production. Through the design question: How do I express my identity through the process of producing "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland?" students have explored various artistic modalities and contributed to the process through their own creative perspectives.
Despite working with a limited budget we are well on our way to an exciting and entertaining production, in which all of their hard work and talent will be showcased. However, in order to bring our students' vision to life we need funding.
From sets, props and costumes to the transformation of the gym into our theatre, we are in need of help from our community!
To support our students and our PBL initiative and as a way to offset costs, a generous parent donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has agreed to match every dollar donated to our production up to $1000.
Please join us in this opportunity to show our students the support they deserve and to ensure a production of which they can all be proud!
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