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Mission and Strategic Plan

Our Mission: Awaken. Build. Connect.


Tehiyah Day School is a Jewish community day school committed to:

  • Awakening intellectual curiosity and a strong sense of Jewish identity
  • Building a culture of thoughtfulness and ethical behavior
  • Connecting learners to their community, the world and their authentic (best) selves.     


By infusing our core values into the TDS curriculum, our students and faculty are truly able to “live” our mission and model traditional Jewish values in their everyday practice.


Community                         Kehillah                    קהילה

Tehiyah promotes a strong sense of קהילה (kehillah)- community and  רוח (ruach) - spirit. Together we build a school that is nurturing, inclusive, and diverse – where each individual is able to express their best and most authentic self. We prepare our students to make the world around them a more compassionate, just, and peaceful place (תיקון עולם)- Tikkun Olam).


People of the Book               Am ha-Sefer          עם הספר

At Tehiyah, we foster each child’s innate curiosity and creativity while cultivating critical thinking and compassion. As People of the Book, we place the written word, inquiry, and in-depth study at the center of Jewish values.


Connection to Judaism         Am Israel         עם ישראל
Tehiyah inspires our students to develop a personal connection to Jewish life, to understand and appreciate the wisdom, spiritual depth, and ethical guidance of Judaism. We foster a commitment to the State of Israel, its culture, language, history, and land.


Respect and Acceptance       Kavod     כבוד
At Tehiyah we instill a culture of integrity based on the principles of דרך ארץ(derekh eretz) -thoughtful conduct, חסד (chesed) -kindness, and רחמנות (rachmanut)- compassion. We raise mensches.

Strategic Priorities



Design and implement an integrated curriculum, enriched by Jewish values and traditions, guided by the social, emotional and physical development of our students — supporting all students toward fulfilling their individual potential.



  • Develop current curriculum for cross-subject integration. (i.e. Integrate Judaic Studies and Hebrew into other subjects)
  • Map the Tehiyah learning continuum by using a spiral curriculum spanning Bridge-K-through Eighth Grade.
  • Provide differentiated instruction to address all learners through student centered classrooms. Integrate an enhanced social/emotional awareness into the everyday curriculum.
  • Integrate project-based learning into all grades and classes.


Support a talented team of diverse educators and staff who embrace creativity and collaboration in an inspiring educational environment, where all members are respected for their contributions.



  • Create a staff compensation strategy focused on a thoughtful and competitive employee value proposition including professional development.
  • Create a safe environment to innovate and experiment.
  • Foster a culture of mutual respect and support among and between the faculty, staff, board and parents.
  • Encourage faculty and staff to be ambassadors for the school.


Build a culture that values heritage, tradition, and gratitude within the Tehiyah community and the community at large.



  • Foster increased family friendships within and across grades to enhance student retention and recruit new families.
  • Strengthen the connection between volunteer leaders, TPO, and staff to collaborate and support the mission of Tehiyah.
  • Participate in tikkun olam (repairing the world) activities and community-wide holiday celebrations within both the Jewish community and the greater community.
  • Design community-building events and outings that tie together education and the natural world.
  • Recognize and celebrate student, faculty, parent, and alumni achievements.
  • Formalize an ambassador program to support enrollment and development.


Build financial stability through a thoughtful and disciplined approach to annual budgeting, tuition setting, building additional reserves and developing sustainable revenue streams.


  • Define a clear data-driven process for tuition setting, based on historical enrollment and  average tuition data, comparable school pricing, capacity of target families and general NAIS enrollment trends.
  • Build reserves to ensure the long-term stability of the school.
  • Develop new revenue streams to decrease dependence on tuition and tuition increases.
  • Refine approach to Admissions to attract and secure new families
  • Consider retention as a key lever in keeping Tehiyah enrollment stable
  • Increase the number of meaningful donations among our families, extended families, teachers, alumni and the larger Jewish community.
  • Shift fundraising strategy to address both current and future needs.
  • Expand and deepen our relationship with Tehiyah alumni and their families
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