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Tehiyah At-a-Glance (FAQs)

How do we address learning differences?
With a keen eye towards neurodiversity, we conscientiously screen our students for learning challenges. Using a variety of push-in strategies we diligently support our teachers in differentiating the curriculum for the diverse learning needs of our students. Our pull-out time focuses on helping develop strategies to ensure that our learners are fluent in their academic skills in order to ensure their ability to actively participate in the classroom. We take great care in coordinating our school based efforts with the family and any other team members to ensure continuity.

What is Tehiyah’s approach to education?
We believe that the optimal environment for learning is one that nurtures the whole child. Tehiyah students explore, imagine, create and question as they grow cognitively, artistically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Jewish values permeate all facets of a child’s experience at Tehiyah and provide the foundation for our diverse, inclusive, and joyful community. Tehiyah’s dedicated faculty recognizes the uniqueness of each student and our integrated, hands-on project-based curriculum inspires curiosity, insight and a life-long love of learning. Through highly differentiated instruction, our teachers provide the right balance of academic challenge and support for each child.

Is there Financial Aid for families?
Tehiyah is committed to making our school accessible and affordable to all. The Indexed Tuition Program (ITP) allows us to offer a range of tuitions. The purpose of the ITP is to provide an education opportunity to students whose families need support in order to attend Tehiyah. ITP is strictly need based. We recognize that each family’s financial situation is unique, and the Indexed Tuition Committee takes into consideration the amount of reduced tuition each family is qualified to receive, based on many factors.

Are there sports at Tehiyah?
The Middle School Athletics Program is designed to promote opportunities for confidence building for student athletes at all skill levels. The program fosters fair play, sportsmanship, team spirit, team building, and friendly competition. The ultimate goal of our program is for each student athlete to have fun while working together with the team to achieve a common goal.  The athletic program offers flag football, cross country and soccer in the fall. The winter term consists of girls’ and boys’ basketball (varsity and junior varsity levels). Volleyball is offered in the spring with ultimate frisbee.

Is there bus service?
Bus service to and from Tehiyah is available to families living in Berkeley, Oakland, Piedmont and points south. This year, we are partnering with ZUM, a rideshare company specializing in transporting children. Zum works with several other area schools and their drivers are subject to the same background checks as our teachers. They will use vans, a small school bus or cars and their drivers have teaching or childcare experience. Zum will provide booster seats for every child who needs one, but unfortunately cannot accommodate children who require a car seat. The minimum weight for a booster seat is 40 pounds. 

What does “community” mean at Tehiyah Day School?
Tehiyah is more than an institution that educates our children. It is their second home. Our teachers, administration, and parents are intimately involved in a sacred partnership of raising our children together. Guided by Jewish values, our families provide care and support for one another in times of need, and we celebrate with one another in times of joy. We are deeply committed to fully embracing all kinds of children and all kinds of families. We believe that we are all enriched by community members who represent different streams of Judaism, the practice of other religions, and a variety of socio-economic levels, a range of gender identities, non-traditional family structures, or ethnic/racial diversity. Our children adopt and learn these principles through explicit curricular instruction and through the ethics of the people all around them.

Does Tehiyah have a library?
Tehiyah has updated our library to reflect 21st century learning. This new open space layout will offer more room to curl up with a good book, to work collaboratively on a project and to use our technological resources.  All Tehiyah students are encouraged to use and to enjoy the school library for research, homework, and recreational reading. Parents and young siblings are also invited to use the school library when classes are not in session. We are grateful for the generosity of the Weissman-Steinbaugh family, the Legacy Heritage Foundation and to Tehiyah parents whose generosity has enabled the library to be updated.

Is there a volunteer hour requirement for parents? 
Being a part of Tehiyah extends to the families- everyone is encouraged to get involved and participate in our community. One way this is accomplished is by asking parents to give of their time through volunteer hours. Two parent households are asked to volunteer 30 hours per school year.  Single parent households are asked to volunteer 15 hours per school year.  There are plenty of fun opportunities available for parents to earn their volunteer hours.

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