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Technology Access

Campus Environment

Tehiyah uses G-Suite for Education which allows students to produce, collaborate, and sometimes submit assignments entirely in the cloud. Our teachers can create templates for student projects and are also able to get an "over the shoulder" view of work in progress. Most other applications used by students are free or licensed by the school.

Tehiyah's provides wireless access for school and student devices over the entire campus. This coverage allows students to work individually or collaboratively in areas such as the garden or lunch tables instead of just in the classroom. Tehiyah provides students with shared computers until they reach middle school, after which parents are expected to provide students with their own devices. As Tehiyah is a G-Suite for Education school, parents do not have to provide their middle school student with anything more an inexpensive Chromebook.

Tehiyah monitors all student technology use by teachers and other technical means. Student's personal technology may only be used on school grounds with staff permission.

Technology Use in Classrooms: First and Second Grade

Students only use computers during their Hebrew instruction. The school provides shared Chromebooks for this purpose.

Technology Use in Classrooms: Third through Fifth Grade

General academic use begins in third grade, starting with learning to touch type, and then conduct basic research, and composing presentation materials. Students in these grades also get internal (Tehiyah-only) email access. Use of computers for composition, modeling, and research continues into fourth and fifth grades.
Students may choose to bring their own devices, but others will use shared Chromebooks.

Technology Use in Classrooms: Middle School

In middle school, technology use is extensive across all programs including Jewish studies, humanities, and Hebrew. Additionally, we begin digital literacy instruction in sixth grade, using the Common Sense Media curriculum. Digital literacy teaching continues through eighth grade.

Additional Technology Resources

Tehiyah's Alfred & Connie Weissman Library Commons provides access to audio and video recording equipment and editing suites, photo processing, graphic design, and collaboration between students.
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