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Experiential Learning (Field Trips)

Bridge Kindergarten
1st Grade
Lindsey Wildlife Museum
2nd Grade
China Town Exploration
Arden Wood State Park
3rd Grade 
Cazadero Camp "Web of Life" Overnight - 3 day overnight
4th Grade
Gold Rush Trip - 3 day overnight
“Back, back, back we go, back from the days of old.  Back, back, back we go, back from the days of gold!” we were once again in the world of cars and televisions, cell phones and computers. 

The greenhorns (inexperienced gold miners) have are extremely busy!  After weighing the pros and cons of the various routes to California, they each select the one that suits them best, and then hit the trail.  Some have loaded their supplies on wagons and are traveling the Overland Route, while others have packed trunks and bought tickets for ships bound heading for the gold country via Cape Horn or Panama.  They have selected nicknames (including Pokerface, Jackrabbit, and Golden Thorn) and created tall tales to explain how they got their names.  They also form mining teams that will work together upon their arrival in Hangtown. 
Besides our own journeys, the students have been learning about the Gold Rush adventures of other fictitious characters.  In our class study novel, By the Great Horn Spoon!, we have met 12-year-old Jack and his butler Praiseworthy, who have stowed away aboard a ship headed to California so that Jack can seek his fortune and save Aunt Arabella’s Boston home.  Our class read-aloud, The Ballad of Lucy Whipple, tells the tale of a girl who reluctantly finds herself in the mining town of Lucky Diggins with her family. The students are eagerly reading both historical fictions, sorting out the historical facts and comparing the lives of the protagonists of these books with the lives of their own characters.
5th Grade
Marin Headlands Trip- 3 day overnight
6th Grade
LA Trip- 4 day overnight
7th Grade 
Ashland Oregon, Shakespeare Festival- 4 day overnight
8th Grade
Israel Trip - 2 Weeks in Israel
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