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Physical Education


P.E. Overview BK-8th Grade


Bridge Kindergarten-1 grade:  These three grades will focus on individual physical development while introducing the students to the basic fundamentals of individual and team sports.  Classes will include a warm up activity, skill development work, and game/play time.  Activities will vary throughout the year to encompass both individual and team based sports.


Throughout the year students will be given age appropriate health education.  For Bridge K-1 grade this will focus on basic body movements, learning about muscles and bones, and basic nutrition.  Students will also learn about good sportsmanship and the direct link to the Toolbox training happening in every grade.  This will allow students of all athletic abilities the opportunity to participate at a level that they are comfortable with.


2-3 grade:  For these two grades students will continue to develop their individual physical health skill while participating in more collaborative and team based activities.  Team building activities will be included in the classes as well as more in depth health and nutritional information.  This will include information about the cardiovascular system, posture,  and how nutrition affects the body.  Students will be taught the importance of warm ups and stretching and how they relate to athletic performance and general health. 

Good sportsmanship and playing well together will be encouraged in all activities and will connect back to the Toolbox training happening in all grades.  Students will learn about how they can use their bodies, while learning to play together in a positive and cooperative way.


4-5 grade:  4-5 grade will spend more time on learning more intermediate and advanced concepts for different team and individual sports.  Good sportsmanship will be strongly enforced, while helping students develop a greater sense of connection to their own body.  Nutrition and Health information will be presented to help students start making healthy lifestyle choices for themselves.


Classes will also participate in our P.E. Politics program where students get to vote on the sport/activities they are interested (see below for sample PE politics ballet).    From health and fitness challenges, to structured team activities, students will be prepared for middle school PE and after school sports.

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