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  • Community Sukkot Celebration - a wonderful community gathering during sukkot that includes a delicious meal, music, dancing, art projects, and more.
  • Weekly Challah program - a fresh challah from Metropolis Bakery delivered weekly to students’ classrooms. Special round challahs are also available for order during the High Holidays.
  • Share-a-Shabbat matching program - interested families are matched up to share a meal during shabbat.
  • Room Parent Coordination -  Room Parents are a vital part of TPO and our community, and an essential conduit between classroom teachers and parents.  They assist teachers with garnering parent support for special class projects and field trips, organizing teacher appreciation events in class and school-wide, create community by scheduling  social events, as well as help activate parents to assist with school-wide functions.
  • Teacher/Staff Appreciation luncheons/brunches - families provide a monthly brunch/lunch in the staff lounge that is full of delectable dishes.
  • Teacher/Staff Appreciation fund - TPO gives every staff member a handmade card and monetary gift as a token of appreciation from the school community.
  • G’milut Chassadim program - a program that provides support in the form of meals, playdates, rides to/from school, or groceries to families during times of need such as a birth in the family, an illness or death.
  • Fundraising - TPO raises funds through sales of sufganiyot and pizza at the Chanukah celebration and felafel and hamentaschen at Purim carnival.
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