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Alumni Association

Tehiyah Alumni

Tehiyah graduates leave with a solid understanding of the importance of Jewish values such as charity, honesty, respect, and responsibility as well as friendships and experiences that will last a lifetime.  Tehiyah alumni go on to attend the finest high schools and universities in the Bay Area and beyond.  Moreover, Tehiyah graduates leave with a burning energy to repair and mend their community and the world.  Many work to comfort the ill, visit the bereaved, feed the hungry, protect the environment, and strive to positively affect laws and to bring peace to the world.  And they keep in touch! Alums are on our board of directors and are teaching in our classrooms.  They serve as an integral part of the Tehiyah community.


Pop quiz:

What happens every day at Tehiyah at 8:30 am? Do you still know the words by heart?


If you said Modeh Ani, you’re right!  (insert photo of Tsipi/Alison/students at Modeh Ani)


We love to share what our outstanding alumni have been up to since graduating from Tehiyah. No matter how many years ago you graduated, we’re certain you have tons of vivid memories of your time at Tehiyah. Teachers, recess, class trips, friends, food, projects; whatever your memories are, we want to hear them!


We are excited about building relationships and creating a positive, strong, supportive network of TDS Alumni.  Using the form below - please let us know how you have been!  If you’d like to be added to our TDS mailing list, please contact us at alumni@tehiyah.org


With warm regards,


Rebecca Pollack         Elise Prowse

Class of 2001             Famous Teacher--duh!


We want to know what you've been up to. 



Pictures to share? send to alumni@tehiyah.org

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