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Student Council

The Tehiyah Student Council is a way for middle school students to take part in Tehiyah’s leadership. Four students from each of the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade classes are elected by their peers, every school year. A student council president is chosen from the eighth grade class. These 13 students form the student council. A primary responsibility is to listen to the wants and needs of their classmates and report back to the Tehiyah administration.

The Student Council is responsible for planning and putting together events such as movie nights, dances, and spirit days. The members get input from their classmates and bring this information back to the meetings where final decisions are made. Organizing and running these events teaches students how plan projects and handle money well. Another important student council deed is to lead the students in tzedakah (charity). An organization is chosen by the council and then works with the Tehiyah student body to raise money for that cause.

Student Council membership also teaches students to be good leaders and public speakers. They often have to announce information to other students and parents. As a group these students work together to solve problems and help their fellow classmates. Overall Student Council teaches important life skills and is a lot of fun!  
Adiella Kessler - Student Council President 2016-2017
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