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Afterschool Program

Tehiyah After-school Program
The Tehiyah After-school Program (TAP) is available for all children who attend Tehiyah Day School. TAP provides a safe and nurturing environment where children can play, relax, engage in homework, and enjoy a healthy/organic snack.  The philosophy behind TAP is to provide a balance between structure and flexibility, and to foster self-esteem, confidence, creativity, humor, compassion, empathy, responsibility and initiative.
After-school Enrichment Classes

After-school enrichment classes are available for an additional fee.  The instructors provide the classes at Tehiyah over three quarters throughout the school year.  In the past, classes have included Art, Mad Science, Yoga, Karate, Dance, Drama, Music Ensemble, American Sign Language, Gymnastics, Jewelry Making, Musical Instrument Instruction, Judo, Chess, Cartooning, and more.  For more information or questions, please contact Jonothan Rich, TAP Coordinator.

Sign up for Fall 2017 Enrichment Classes here.

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