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JSTEAM » After-school T(h)inkers

After-school T(h)inkers

Tehiyah has two after-school JSTEAM clubs, Fab Lab and Robot Club. Fab Club gives students a chance to construct their own projects as well as those that will improve the school such as science models and 3D printers. Students learn how to safely use tools, to plan projects, gather materials, research designs, and the use of CAD/CAM software. We will begin this year with Arduino programming testing out a curriculum from Center for Innovation in Jewish Education. Some projects involve electronics and other additional advanced and primitive technologies. Participation is open to students from 5th to 8th grade. Fab Lab will be meeting on Tuesdays, starting October 30th.
Robot Club has students making and programming their own robots using Lego EV3 and other technologies. Participation is open for students from 3rd to 8th grade. Robot Club will be Wednesdays, starting October 31st
There is a nominal participation fee for each club. Checks should be left with the Business Office. Students register online using their Tehiyah G-Suite accounts. Parents will be contacted to verify permission. After class, non-Middle School students will be delivered to TAP unless parents provide other instructions.
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